Free firewood and chips

Yes you read it right, Free!

We can supply firewood delivered to any local address with smaller diameter wood (Approx. 10 inches and less) coming in approx. 4 foot lengths or less, measured to be easily manageable. Any larger diameter wood will be cut in log sizes (approx. 6 inches long) ready to be split, again for ease of lifting. This firewood is supplied green (non-seasoned) as we cut it down, and so will generally need to be cut and stored for a year to be ready to burn. As we supply the majority of our timber to 'The Local Log Company' (No affiliation to M. Reed & Co Ltd), supply is as and when we have it and will consist of mainly soft wood. If you wish to order seasoned, split logs please e-mail [javascript protected email address]. Logs will be ready for sale in 2015.

Woodchips can also be delivered to any local address by the truck load or if needed by the half truck. A Full load is approx. 60 wheelbarrows with half being 30 wheelbarrows. Half loads can be organized but with our general workload being a truck a day, are not always available. To have a full load delivered we require firm ground and access of ideally 6ft 6 inches width and an area of roughly 3 by 5 meters to dump the woodchips, a typical driveway is usually sufficient.

For more details please don't hesitate to call or request via this form.
Due to our woodchip load being dependant on several factors, specific dates/times for delivery can sometimes be difficult. To avoid any disappointment please call to discuss delivery options.

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