Tree Services

Michael Reed & Co Ltd tackle a wide range of Arboriculture services ensuring we always work within industry standards and relevant legalisation.

The specific services we offer are:-

Tree Removal & Felling

When it comes to felling no job is too big or too small! We are fully equipped to tackle and dispose of the largest trees, all done to excellent proficiency. We fully utilise all industry techniques, such as  lowering,  spiking and straight felling, ensuring no damage to shrubs, buildings or items of importance and minimal impact to any surrounding ground due to compaction.

We have all the nessassery equipment for any job to hand, never needing to hire costly extras, including a Stihl 880 Chainsaw with a 5 foot Bar and Chain.

Tree Pruning

We always ensure our pruning work is carried out to the highest quality and follow all relevant British Standards (BS3998 2010 Tree Work – Recommendations).

Our aim is to leave the tree looking as natural as possible and cater to the customer’s needs and desires, whilst offering our own knowledge and experience.

Please feel free to browse our gallery page to see our high standards of work showcased.

Stump Grinding

Through our partners we have an established, specialist stump grinding operation which can undertake large or small stumps in most locations. An inclusive price can be given with any tree works estimate.

Hedge Trimming

Any hedge can be cared for by Michael Reed & Co Ltd, with us taking on the heavy reductions on bigger hedges, whist the smaller annual trims are passed on to our superb hedge and gardening specialist.

Our work incorporates all jobs from topping hedges, cutting back hard to clear space (species of hedge permitting) or a tidy or spruce up of any hedge to the highest standards. To achieve this we have all the equipment you could ask for, including our chainsaws for the really heavy cutting and both types of Sthil hedge trimmer - one for the tougher hedge and another for a smooth clean finish.

TPO & Planning

Some trees and hedges have restrictions placed upon them, such as preservation orders (TPO's) or can fall within a conservation area.

As part of any job undertaken, TPO's and conservation areas are checked with you as the customer and the local council.

We also have links on our Useful Links page to our local council's web sites for information on TPO's and what they involve. Application forms can be printed off from there if you decide to apply yourself. Application is free and normally takes between 6-8 weeks for a decision from the local authority and may include a site visit.

Pests & Diseases

If you suspect your tree is in ill health because of any pests or diseases we can happily diagnose and recommend any action needed.

For the most part the solution is simple and easy but, for a more comprehensive guide to all up to date and current information, there is more information on the Forestry Commission Pests and Diseases web site.